Lithuanian and international payroll management

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Why MESO Global?

Have your global workforce managed by all-in-one platform and by one partner. You’ll have all your answers in one place provided by highly qualified professionals. You will easily manage and analyze different payroll regulations and practices in different branches, companies, or countries.

We use latest technologies and have digitalized the processes, which enables the optimized calculation of the payroll. With reliable partners – MESO Global locally and PAPAYA Global internationally – you’ll get speedy reaction to all the inquiries, higher productivity, and smart use of financial and organizational resources. We cover over 100 countries globally.


Our advantages

  • Local and international payroll calculation.

  • Consolidated reports for business groups, possibility to compare, analyze and manage all the payroll data remotely.

  • Analysis of client’s needs, personalized training solutions and tools.

  • Representation of client’s interests at local and international institutions.

  • Strict preservation of confidentiality, transparency and quality control.

  • Employee registration at the Migration Department – registering workforce in the countries of our company prior to establishment of client’s entity.

  • Employment service (Employee recruitment service) in our group in Lithuania or other locations globally.


Payroll accounting includes

  • Work time accounting and timesheets.

  • Salary calculation.

  • Preparation of salary and salary advance payments.

  • Emailing receipts to employees.

  • Tracking of unused vacation days, accounts of vacation reserve.

  • Calculations and returns of payroll taxes.

  • Preparation of salary reports.

  • Statistics reports.

  • Recruitment / dismissal.

  • Submission of data to public authorities.

  • Temporary employment without an established company/branch in Lithuania.

  • HR documents related to payroll.


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